Sports Media Productions is a broadcast technology company, able to meet your creative production needs, working closely with you in order to produce a wide range of creative content. Outfitted with top of the line equipment and creative talent, SMP has the ability to produce content for a variety of events and sports, including but not limited to:

• TV Road Shows
• University and School Productions
• Sporting Events
• Corporate Productions
• Houses of Worship

• Seminars
• Government
• Trade Shows
• Music Concert Productions
• Theatrical shows

• Hotels
• Colleges
• Training
• Surveillance
• Live Studio Events

Media production is democratizing, diversifying exponentially as the measure of quality between Television and Internet content continues to blur and equalize. Broadcast productions and high-level creative content were once an artistic arena reserved for networks and giant studio houses, but no longer.

Now, with the recent advances in production technology, this high-level of broadcast quality is available to your company.

It’s never been so available, so accessible, and so important. At the same time financial barriers to entry have been slimming down, there has also been a multi-media content explosion. You need to be proactive in telling your story to maximize the effect of your event and company. There has never been a time in which so many media mediums compete for your potential customers attention-- over a 1000 channels on the TV, countless apps, games, events, sports, all vying for the attention of the your customers.